Why Diversity Training Should be Part of Your Strategic Goals

By November 7, 2018 Blog

Diversity suggests acknowledging and appreciating the differences among people. A diverse office environment provides your organization with a rich culture in which to harvest concepts and innovations from a range of backgrounds and traditions.

This is true for healthcare as it is any other industry. Establishing a diversity training plan for healthcare institutions will transform the healthcare workforce to enhance culturally, linguistically and disability-appropriate services, while increasing workforce diversity. Healthcare is a universal need that transcends culture, race, gender or age.

How to implement diversity training

The U.S. is comprised of a diverse cultural mix and institutions of all kinds realize how vital it is to welcome diversity. A diversity training program helps with employee recruitment and retention, while also displaying a willingness to commit to social equality.

Set goals. Establishing diversity objectives for your enterprise is the starting point for developing a diversity training program. The fundamental aim is to convey your obligation to diversity in a transparent manner.

You must strive to value and accept men and women from various age groups, ethnicities, gender, capabilities, race, sexual orientation and religion.

Develop a plan. The goals of the training program need to connect with your employees, your customers and your community. An employee-related objective might be to hire staff from a diverse talent group.

A customer-related aim might be to evaluate your patients’ demographics and instruct the employees to cultivate interaction skills specific to a patient’s needs.

Implement the plan. Launch your diversity training plan with an employee meeting in which you review the overall strategy with your staff. Request that your personnel commit to the program and help them achieve the objectives.

Every employee must have a firm idea of what his or her involvement in the training plan will be to promote cultural awareness throughout the company. Routinely evaluate progress against targets and update your goals as necessary.

What are some of the benefits of diversity training?

Research now proves that companies with great diversity outperform their peers by a significant margin. Below are some areas where companies with great diversity outperform their peers.

Ethics. In healthcare, as in business, ethics is defined as a code of moral values that have a positive impact on business and patient commitment, and in the way that diverse cultures deal with one another at work.

Diversity training will help staff and management pinpoint the values that are crucial in encouraging social and cultural distinctions.

Serving the patient. Diversity training is significant in supporting patient service endeavors. Providing quality healthcare across cultures involves a strong feel for what those cultures deem proper behavior.

Diversity training will assist staff in determining what obstacles are influencing patient relationships, as well as enhance the interaction between healthcare providers and their patients.

A multi-cultural organization. Discovering familiar terrain in an atmosphere abundant with differing experiences and viewpoints is often daunting. Training endeavors that demonstrate to employees how to function optimally across a multi-cultural organization will encourage diversity initiatives at the office or clinic.

Diversity training promotes thoughtfulness, awareness and consideration among colleagues of diverse nationalities and history.

Diversity at the office offers several possible benefits, as well as challenges, for companies. When workplaces adopt the concept of diversity, they begin to recognize those advantages that help strengthen their companies.

At XDRA Health, we embrace diversity and our considerable expertise in diversity training strategies puts us in a position to assist health-related institutions in implementing diversity training programs and incorporating diversity awareness into the company culture. Innovative digital training and e-learning systems include video-based lessons that make use of a range of training models. We work with you to develop procedures for a customized training experience for your organization.

Don’t neglect the opportunity to embrace varied cultures and peoples, and what they bring to the table.