10 for 10

A small group practicum teaching government contracting business owners
the framework for implementing a sustainable business model.

Two Days of Practical Instruction That will Change Your Business.

10 for 10 is a step by step practicum that provides you with the framework for growing your federal contracting company to new levels of success and revenue.  We limit this practicum to three cohorts per year and ten participants, to create one on one opportunities with your instructors.


The 10 for 10 practicum is led by award-winning businesswoman, Dr. Angela Reddix, CEO, and Founder of ARDX along with her team of seasoned government contracting experts. Since founding the company in 2007, Dr. Reddix has led ARDX to over $178 million in federal contract awards.

Dr. Reddix has decided to take what she has learned over 13 years and provide it to you in a small group setting over two days. Each 10 for 10 cohort is limited to just 10 seats, and there will only be three cohorts for 2020. Reserve your seat today.

More than a slide presentation 10 for 10 is a hands-on working session with a cohort of 10 other business owners for two days of concentrated learning and application. We want to provide a framework that can create sustainable small businesses in government contracting.

“It was year five of my business when I had clearly identified the foundational components that were responsible for our corporate success. I’ve decided to share those components in 10 for 10.”

–Dr. Angela Reddix


10 for 10 is more than a slide presentation it’s a hands-on working session with a cohort of 10 other business owners for two days of concentrated learning and application. We want to provide a framework that can create sustainable small businesses in government contracting.

So bring your laptop, and let’s do a deep dive for two days of implementation that will put you in a position to compete for the RFPs that will grow your company. 10 for 10 is the “let’s get together for coffee” moment that you’ve been dying to have so you can pick the brain of an accomplished business leader.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding FAR and knowing how to crosswalk that against the cross-references
  • How to manage your vendors
  • Understanding government contracts
  • How do you get on a vehicle and when is open season
  • Understand the relationship between contracting shop and the technical shop
  • Preparing and navigating an audit
  • Creating a culture of accountability

Here is a sample of the instruction you’ll receive

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) is the guide for uniform policies and procedures for acquisition. Volume I has 51 parts and 2,014 pages. Understanding the FAR can be overwhelming; there are many opportunities, but also many potential pitfalls.

10 for 10 highlights and discusses which “Parts” of the FAR are critical to meeting contractual requirements and helps you develop an understanding of FAR’s foundational components, such as governance.

In The Press

Woman-owned small business wins again, adds CMS Adaptive Control Testing task

November 20, 2019

Woman-owned small business and longtime partner to CMS, ARDX, beat out five other bidders to pick up a new task to provide Agency-wide security testing of CMS Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Systems. The task was awarded using SPARC. 

This award is in addition to a recent 5-year $19M contract win to support CPI with Medicare Part C RADV Program Integrity activities, and a Provider Customer Service Program (PCSP) Consultative Services contract ARDX added at the end of FY19. This builds on a growing set of past performance they have developed delivering integrated Healthcare management and technology solutions across Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), to include supporting efforts such as the CMS Online Learning Center; Registration for Technical Assistance Portal (REGTAP); Security Control Assessment (SCA) Services; the CMS Risk Adjustment & Payment Policy Web Portal; Stakeholder Training and Program Support; and in support of the CMS Medicare Encounter Data System. 

Led by Founder, President, and CEO, Angela Reddix, this CMS SPARC and 8(a) STARS II Prime was one of several Prime awardees named to the 8(a) section of $20B CIO-SP3 SB On-Ramp.

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Who is this for?

Companies Ready to Grow
Your company is ready to start doing business with the Federal Government and compete against the industry giants. However, as an owner or executive, you want to make sure your organization is prepared to compete and win contracts. You want to know what it is that you don’t see on the horizon before it costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seasoned Companies
Your company’s revenues have been stagnant, and you’ve been unable to get to the next level. You’ve tried hiring your way to more revenue and come up short. If you’ve realized that an evaluation of your efforts is in order, 10 for 10 is for you.

Why 10 for 10?

“I have surpassed all of my goals in business, and I believe in the spirit of giving back. I’ve decided to leverage my experience and knowledge to help other businesses thrive. The same passion that drove me to build a 9 figure company, earn my doctorate, and teach entrepreneurship to a thousand girls has placed me on a mission to teach and share the lessons of success to create another wave of successful business owners.”

– Dr. Angela Reddix